Elevate Your Thanksgiving with Adult-Friendly Games, easy to play around the dinner table

Thanksgiving Games for Adults: Elevate Your Dinner Table Celebration

As Thanksgiving approaches, why not add a sprinkle of fun to your dinner table gathering with some play! We’ve curated a list of games and activities suitable for for all the family, that are easy to play at home and around the dinner table (where all the great things in life happen). Ok, let the Thanksgiving festivities begin!

#1 Thanksgiving Trivia: A Test of Knowledge

Kick off the evening with a Thanksgiving Trivia session. Craft questions related to the history, traditions, and quirky facts about the holiday. It’s fun way to get the conversation flowing and potentially learn something new or interesting about the Thanksgiving. 

This article from Today.com lists 67 Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers to share at dinner. 

When was the first Thanksgiving feast held? Answer: November 1621

#2 Table Topics: Conversation Catalysts

Place conversation starter cards or “Table Topics” at each setting. These cards pose interesting questions that prompt meaningful discussions among your guests. It’s a fantastic way to connect on a deeper level.

#3 Gratitude Jar: Share Thankful Moments

Set up a Gratitude Jar and provide slips of paper and pens. Throughout the meal, encourage guests to write down things they’re thankful for and place them in the jar. Later in the evening, take turns reading the notes aloud, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

#4 Who Am I Thanksgiving Edition: Guess the Character

Add a twist to the classic “Who Am I?” game by using Thanksgiving-related characters or historical figures. Each guest wears a character name on their forehead, and through yes or no questions, they try to figure out who they are.

#5 Two Truths and a Lie: Thanksgiving Edition

Spice up the dinner conversation with a Thanksgiving-themed Two Truths and a Lie game. Each person shares three statements about their Thanksgiving experiences – two true and one false. The group then tries to guess the lie.

#6 Thanksgiving Bingo: Spot the Traditions

Create Bingo cards featuring Thanksgiving traditions instead of numbers. As the evening progresses, guests mark off the traditions they observe. The first to complete a row shouts “Bingo!” and can share what they are thankful for (or you’re feeling generous why not share a little gift). 

#7 Guess the Ingredient: Culinary Challenge

For the food enthusiasts, engage in a Guess the Ingredient challenge. Blindfolded participants taste various Thanksgiving dishes and attempt to identify the ingredients. It adds a playful and palate-pleasing element to the evening.

#8 Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition

Pose lighthearted “Would You Rather” questions with a Thanksgiving twist. For example, “Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner with historical figures or fictional characters?” It sparks amusing debates and reveals guests’ preferences.

#9. Story Chain: Collaborative Storytelling

Encourage creativity with a Story Chain activity. Start with a Thanksgiving-themed sentence, and each guest contributes a sentence to build a collaborative story. The result is often unexpected and entertaining.

#10. Thanksgiving Charades: Act Out the Fun

Wrap up the night with a classic game of Thanksgiving Charades. Create a list of Thanksgiving-related words or phrases, and let the guessing game unfold. It’s a lively and laughter-filled way to conclude your dinner celebration.

Whether you’re uncovering trivia, sharing gratitude, or acting out charades, we hope you like these Thanksgiving games &  activities add an extra layer of enjoyment to your Thanksgiving gathering.


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